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Hamsa: Protection with the hand of G-d


Hamsa is the right hand pendant found in the Middle East and North Africa. Although it has it origins in the Islamic faith, it is very present in other Abrahamic religions like Christianity and Judaism. The symbol has become very popular and trendy in the past few years. It was once a symbol of protection and security, now it is more than that. It has become an icon of Israeliness. Historically the hamsa has been a form of protection from the evil eye. Many times it is crafted from silver because the metal has been historically perceives as being pure and having the ability to hold magical powers. The five fingers of the Hamsa pendant is also serves as a reminder to praise and pray to G-d with the use of all five senses. The amulet of the hand appears in mystical manuscripts of the Kabbalistic origins substituting the letter “Shin". Shin is the first letter of the word "Shaddai" which is one of the many names referring to G-d

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Hamsa pendants, bracelets and necklaces are available in 10K and 14K.The classic yellow and white gold option has been best sellers for many years & will continues to bring great satisfaction for many of our customers. The rose gold option is truly unique and few if not any retailer, online or traditional, even have a selection of rose gold pendant let alone rose gold Hamsa pendants. Our vast collection of gold pendants will help you find that perfect gift at the most affordable and ideal price.

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