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Gold Purity


Gold purity is usually the last thing few people pay attention when buying jewelry. When looking for a nice affordable gift, they will go for the least expensive price. A 10K ring, 14K ring and 18K ring really do not look visually different from one another so why not take the 14K over the 18K or the 10K over the 14k. If it shines like gold, why take the trouble to pay a premium for something that few people will never know the difference. Why even have all the different gold purities to start with, why isn’t a gold ring anything but gold?

Pure gold is very soft and even more expensive. So when it comes to consumer goods like jewelry, you want something that will actually last and is in the price range to actually warrant a demand. For this reason, many jewelry manufacturers mix other harder and less expensive base metals when casting the gold to add to it toughness, color, as well as bring down the cost of the finished good. Jewelry by law has to be marked for purity for the benefit of the customer to know what exactly they are paying for. This is why the karat scale is used and stamped on all jewelry made in the USA and abroad.A karat is 24 times the mass of gold in the jewelry divided by the whole mass of the jewelry.

A pure, non-mixed gold ring will have a stamp of 24K meaning that it is 100 percent gold.Here is the list of the most popular gold purities available to customers and crafted by manufacturers.

  • 24K – 100% gold by mass. No other metal or alloy is mixed into the product
  • 18K- 75% gold by mass. For every 18 parts gold, there are 8 parts of another alloy or metal
  • 14K-58.8% gold by mass. For every 14 parts gold, there are 10 parts of another alloy or metal
  • 12K- 50% gold by mass- pretty much a 50/50 mix of gold and another metal or alloy by mass.
  • 10K- 41.7% gold by mass- For every 10 parts gold, there are 14 parts of another metal or alloy. 10K is the least amount of gold necessary to be classified as “gold” in the United States.

Gold purity might not be on a consideration for many jewelry buyers, but since gold is a commodity whose price is not fixed, it might be a worth it to buy a higher purity of gold if the needs comes when you have to resell it in the future if the price of gold goes up. I hope this small post helps you make a better decision when it comes to purchasing from us here at JewishCharms.com. Happy Shopping!

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